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Water Blues, Green Solutions screening

You are invited to a screening of a video Water Blues, Green Solutions, which has been broadcast on some PBS TV stations. 


The video features rainwater harvesting, green infrastructure, workforce development and water conservation in Philadelphia, Portland, the Bronx and San Antonio.  It's a good public education product with some relevant stories for our arid region.  


Water Blues Green Solutions screening


Wednesday   August 13 

7 pm - 8:30

UNM George Pearl Hall, School of Architecture and Planning, Room P130


Here's the link:  

The introductory clip is available on the opening page.  The site has lots of resources too, including the list of PBS stations that have screened the video (New Mexico is listed, but the PBS station is in Amarillo! oops.)   


For those who are interested: after the screening we can consider a joint request to KNME to show the video; isn't it time to make innovations about stormwater more visible?  KNME will consider a request for a screening with a copy of the video, which I would provide.