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Free Webinar: Streets as Places II is pleased to present a free webinar on "Streets as Places II: Making it Happen!" focusing on streets as drivers of livability, innovative implementation strategies, and community and agency benefits of this approach.


The webinar will be held on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014, from 3:00 PM EDT, and is brought to you by FHWA, in partnership with the Project for Public Spaces and Sevatec.

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Streets as Places is a concept that seeks to rediscover the idea that streets can serve many purposes beyond mobility. Cities around the US are rapidly implementing public plaza programs, parking space to public space conversions, and other transformative strategies towards transportation infrastructure. Such rethinking of streets as outdoor rooms is having an impact on traffic flow, economic development, and livability. This webinar will discuss the corresponding policies, reasoning, and ground-level impacts.

In Streets as Places II, you'll learn how CSS and Streets as Places reconnect transportation agencies with their customers and their mission, while creating great communities.



Jack Lettire, Transportation Engineer, former Commissioner of New Jersey Department of Transportation and President of AASHTO
Victor Dover, Planner and Urban Designer, Principal, Dover, Kohl & Partners